What is a domain name?
A domain name is like your home address. Every place on the Internet has an IP address, this is like a cadastral number of the land on which your house is built. Remembering all cadastral numbers is impossible, that is why we have chosen addresses. Because IP addresses are also hard to remember, we use domain names. Domain names are easy to remember and communicate. When you visit a site by typing in a domain name, for example, your PC, tablet or smartphone connects to the unique IP number of our website.

How is a domain name constructed?
A domain name consists of two parts, the name and the extension. In ``, `Jac-y-Do` is the name part and ".com" the extension part. A domain name can consist of letters, numbers and a hyphen "-".

How much is a domain name?
A .nl domain name extension will cost € 10, -
Domain extensions .com .org .info .biz and .net: € 15, -
all others on request.